is an need of hour for every business.

Mr.Prashant Khomne , March 25, 2019

With digitalization each and every aspect of business is changing. The major challenge in front of an entrepreneur is to change himself and his time skillset as demanded by the situation. The change is not restricted to skillset alone but business models else need to be changed or modified as per the situation to make more profitability and for longer survival of the business. The change can brought about by adopting new technology with flexible mindset.

If you take an example of print and sign industry, print alone can not provide sufficient margin for the business growth in the wide format printing industry. Corporate customers are becoming more and more aware about the technology used, production cost, time taken to complete the campaign and last but not the least credit enjoyed by them from 90 to 180 days. This shrinks the profitability of digital PSP (Print Service Provider)

In order to survive in above mentioned scenario digital PSP has to change from print provider to product supplier or provide complete solutions to the customer under one roof.

This can be achieved by adding latest technology Finishing equipment products like Co2 Laser cutting machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Channel Letter Bender, Spot Welding, Clincher, CNC Router, Digital Cutting Creasing and Routing, Waterjet etc. to give new innovative, attractive and better solutions to their end customer and increase their profitability.