Channel Letter Bender

Channel Letter Bender

VALOR5 has a unique & state of art channel letter bender machine series .
1) Bender C - Mainly used for coils
2) Bender X - Mainly used for coils & profiles
3) Bender Classic - Unique channel bender for sky signages which does Flanging, Notching, V-cut, Side cut & Bending in one go for coils upto height 180mm.
We have trained services team for better installation training & service support .


VALOR5 Bender C (Coil)

Mainly used for Stainless Steel (SS), Galvanized Steel (GS) and Aluminum (AL) (only flat coil materials ) channel letters fabrication.

  • Repetitiveness and depth of V slot can be adjusted through software.

  • Material Height: 25mm-150mm


VALOR5 Bender X

Bender X is used for channel letter fabrication of aluminum profiles and flat coils along with stainless steel and Galvanized steel and Aluminum.

  • Software can automatically adjust the slotting angle.

  • Material Height: 25mm-110mm


VALOR5 Bender Classic

Fully automatic and highend machine. It has fully automatic feeding, notching, flanging, bending and cutting function.

  • Hydraulic controls notching and flanging with speed and smooth surface with burrs.

  • Material Height: 70mm-180mm