CNC Router Machine

CNC Router Machine

VALOR5 carries a wide range of CNC Router product profile starting from Economical range to high end. We have various types of CNC Routers mainly –
- Signages CNC Routers
- Stone CNC Router Machine
- Rotary CNC Router Machine
- Pattern CNC Router Machine
- 5-Axis CNC Router Machine
VALOR5 always believes in quality and best after sales service.

Economical CNC Router

VALOR5-1325A1 | VALOR5 1530A1

VALOR5 - 1325A1 is an entry level CNC router with vacuum and T-slot table.

  • Equiped with square pipe welded structure.

  • X, Y, Z Working Area: 1300x2500x200mm | 1500x2500x200mm

MW103 CNC Router Machine


VALOR5 - MW103 is an mid range router with XY- axis rack and pinion transmission and Z – axis ball screw transmission.

  • Linear bearing and ball screw

  • Table Size(XY): 1.27x 2.54 (m)

MD103 CNC Router


This is state of art innovative router with dual ballscrew and driven nut.

  • Heavy duty steel gantry of 200mm X 300mm gives internal stiffness. It provide smooth and vibration free cutting.

  • Table Size(XY): 1.27x 2.54 (m) | 1.5x3.0 (m)