Fiber Laser cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

VALOR5 fiber lasers are designed & developed with German technology & manufactured in China. VALOR5 fiber laser machines are unique, innovative, accurate & Reliable equipments because of ball & screw on all the axis. The machine architecture is designed in such a way that it can use any of the three type of sources available in the market like IPG/GW/Recyus . VALOR5 looks for complete satisfaction of the customers by giving them best services & support through well trained & experienced service team.

FIber laser with IPG source

VALOR5 Gl1325 | Gl2030

The state of art innovation and designed has helped us to build fiber lasers based on dual ballscrew with driven nut.

  • Gantry structure, the platform is stationary, and the Gantry frame is moved.

  • Working Area: 1.3m x 2.5m | 2.0m x 3.0m

Fiber laser with reycus source

VALOR5 OF1325 | OF2030

High speed VALOR5 Fiber laser cutting machine is an heavy duty machine structure with heat treatment for perfect cutting quality, fast cutting speed and lower cutting cost along with low maintenance cost.

  • Heavy duty pipe welding machine structure with heat treatment.

  • Working Area: 1.3m x 2.5m | 2.0m x 3.0m